In Anunturi Targoviste we also provide something more than our premium service in car rentals. In all our car rental centers, we also have a shop, where you can buy from a variety of items and groceries.

If you are planning to take a trip and rent a car, you know that the best place for that is with us. But in Anunturi Targoviste you can also buy your supplies and some extra snacks for your journey, making it a better place to shop and would save time for you.

So, you can hit the road with everything you need for your travel. Not only that, but we also sell emergency items and first aid supplies so you can feel safer in your journey.

We optimize our services for all our clients; just providing the best car rentals isn’t enough for us. And that’s one of the reasons we try to give more options to our customers in selected items that you should always have in your car.

You can also buy spare parts for your car in case of an emergency. Since we understand the problems that can occur when you start driving, we want all of our clients to feel safe with our services.