Anunturi Targoviste is a company of car rentals started years ago by me, Matthew Garrison. I realized that is important in a town to always have an option in car rentals, and if you are compromised in only provide the best services you can make quite a profit.

So I started in the rentals business only providing the best service, and with a total professionalism that makes us gain the loyalty of our customers.

Thanks to our remarkable service we separated ourselves from the competition, and we became the favorite car rental company for many.

With a selected team of workers that can solve all your needs and a friendly customer service, Anunturi Targoviste has become a great option in rentals. And with a considerable number of options of cars to choose from, we are the go-to place for many in the need of a car.

Our service is also quick, so you can get a rental in a matter of minutes and all of this with the respect that you as a customer deserve.

But Anunturi Targoviste has still a long road ahead to become the perfect company in rentals, we know that. But since our compromised is in our clients and our quality is reflected in our services, is easy to see why we are one of the best options in rentals for our customers.