The 5 Best Rental Car Companies to Use in 2018 and Beyond

There are many excellent car rental companies that provide good service, and have a good reputation. And companies who are devoted to pleasing the customer and have good prices, as well. These are the companies that anyone who needs to rent a car should totally look for.

But there are, also, companies that advertise themselves as great and trustworthy, while being nothing but the contrary, making it difficult to find the good ones.

Therefore, here are some of the best rental car companies to use in 2018 and beyond:


This company headquarter is located in New Jersey. It has several branches in different parts of the world beside the US, such as South America, Australia, India, among others.

The services offered by this company are excellent, a bit pricier than other companies, but they also offer special discounts for customers subscribed to the company. They also offer different discounts and annual promotions without having to subscribe to something and you can take advantage of.


This company located in Missouri is one of the best in the market, without a doubt. With an excellent reputation, and having its costumers’ trust, Enterprise always satisfies anyone who wants to rent a car.

With a wide variety of cars to choose from, it even has the newest models in the market, they have good prices and also an excellent return process.


This company is one of the largest car rental companies since it has many branches outside the US. We’re talking about over 9000 branches around the world.

Their main headquarters is in Florida. One of the not-so-secret disadvantages are their rates. They are a little more expensive than any company, but it surely will be worth it for the service and the cars in excellent condition they offer.


It is one of the best car rental companies. It has many advantages, due to their excellent prices, also, the wide variety of cars from which you can choose from.

According to some studies, the rental of a car in this company can be a little more than $40 a day, which is a good price compared to other companies. While it may seem a little bit pricey to rent a vehicle, think about all the expenses already included in that daily fee such as gas, insurance, emergency calls, and towing service, in case of any problem.

National Rent-A-Car

It’s a company that is also located in Missouri. It has a wide variety of models to rent, from sports cars, SUVs, premium cars, small, medium size, latest models. Whatever you want, this company has it.

Also, one of the services that National Rent-A-Car offers is the ability to rent any car in advance for any busy season, without increasing a penny at the time of delivery.

These are some of the most recognized car rental companies. Not only in the United States, since some of them are recognized worldwide. If you have a good budget to access to rent a car, you can contact any of these companies where you definitely enjoy a great customer service.